Studios and apartments are situated at USF Verftet.

STUDIO 1 (67 square m) is suitable for a fine artist (all media) or a craft artist. The floor is tiled and the studio has basic furniture, but is not equipped with tools or computer.

STUDIO 2 (47 square m) is for use by authors, composers, etc. It is equipped with office furniture (no computer) and keyboard Yamaha dgx 630 and active speakers. The studio is not sound proof.

Both studios have large windows overlooking the sea towards the west. Height of ceiling; 3,2 meters.

Both studios have wireless internet connection. Cell phones with Norwegian phone numbers are available for a deposit of nok 500.


The apartments (21 square meters each) are situated at the small boat harbour at the USF Verftet. They are equipped with essential furniture, linen and towels, cooker, refrigerator and kitchenware.

In addition to a single-bed, both apartments are provided with a sofa bed / settee sleeper. The apartments are small and not suitable for families, but just big enough for a couple.